La Mold Inspections

Completely eliminating mold is something that needs to be done, especially if you have small children.

Calling our certified mold inspector to do a thorough inspection of your home is not just a good idea, it should be considered a necessity.

People who have allergies to mold will be very uncomfortable in your home if it has mold behind the walls.

Scrubbing with detergent and bleach will sometimes remove mold from your kitchen.

If you see green scum around your woodwork or in your bathroom, let us come and check for mold.

Removing all the mold from your home could turn out to mean ripping down walls.

UV air purifiers are meant to destroy bacteria and mold and some researchers say it may help keep you healthy.

Trying to take care of an entire house full of mold is something most home owners should not attempt.

HEPA filters have long been known to be the best filtration systems, especially for home owners.

The more you can filter the air inside your home, the less likely you will end up with mold in the house.

There are specific limits to harmful mold contaminants allowed in a home before it is deemed unlivable and you need to get out.

When the caulking around your tub or sink has come loose and water gets behind the wall, you could be looking at a mold problem.

When mold has organic material to feed on, it will spread and find more to eat.

Mold spores can come in through open windows, they can hang around your windows and vents.

It can be tough to pin point the exact place where mold starts, but it needs to be dealt with fast.

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